We have a choice to live life to its fullest potential, and it starts by knowing how our body systems work and what makes them better and stronger.

Dr. Sajjad Khan


Dr. Khan is a world-renowned expert in hair restoration surgery with a remarkable talent for hairline recreation and a technical prowess that has led to many of his innovations becoming accepted as best practices in the field today. His clientele includes heads of state, royalty, elite athletes and top movie stars.

  • Diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS)
  • 25 years of Experience in Hair Transplant.
  • Dr khan Unique Techniques Allows You To Resume Work Next Day.
  • More than 20,000 Happy Clients
  • Clientele includes Heads of State, Royalty, Elite Athletes and Top Movie Stars.


This book provides a blueprint for maximizing health and longevity. The simple and manageable strategies outlined, when put into regular practice, will help to improve and preserve your health — while reversing prior damage — in a matter of months. These changes can be objectively measured and monitored to help you see actual results and enhance confidence in your ability to positively impact your health.

After years of study and medical practice, I decided to write this book for two reasons:

Healthy Longevity by Design



Hair Transplant Results

Dr. Khan offers unique ways of evaluating your hair’s health using new techniques and treatments to strengthen or restore hair. You can choose the newest regenerative methods that suit your individual needs and lifestyle and, in most cases, you can confidently resume work the very next day without showing any signs of the procedure.

Because of Dr. Khan’s artistic skill and the ability of patients to quickly resume a normal lifestyle, many heads of state, royalty, elite athletes and top movie stars choose ILHT for their hair restoration needs.

Premium Hair Care Products

Kerluxe, is a range of premium haircare products, born from the heritage and science of Swiss skincare. We believe the hair and scalp should be treated with the same high-quality regime as the skin on our face.

Healthy skin = Healthy hair = Kerluxe DNA


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